Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On

Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On? How Long To Run Air Purifier?

Is it higher to sleep next to your air setup? will the placement of the air purifier in your space matter? to search out out, good Air did seven nightlong tests to examine if the air nearer to the air setup is cleaner than different spots within the space at home.

Put to the Test: Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On?

The good Air team placed 3 Dylos DC1700 pollution particle counters in numerous spots (and heights) in a very space. Then a sensible Air DIY Cannon air setup was turned on in the dead of night, and particle counters half-tracked the pollution levels throughout the night. The particle counters took turns in every location over the course of multiple nights to account for any variations which may exist between the counters.

In the 15m2 space, the table was nearest to the air setup, whereas the couch was the furthest. Would the placement nearest to the air setup have the cleanest air? If therefore, this might make sure that it’s best to sleep next to your air setup.

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Smart Air antecedently tested however associate air purifier placement against a wall affects its performance.

Test Results – Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On?

There was little or no distinction within the air quality at every one of the 3 locations throughout the night. The table, that was nearest to the air setup, had solely slightly higher air quality compared to the opposite locations.

The tests were performed in an inside space, with an associate air setup appropriate for the dimensions of the space (15m2). Finding the correct air setup with enough power (CADR) for your space size is a lot of vital than the position of the setup. additionally, if you hump the air setup on low, check that the low setting CADR is enough for your space size.

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Open Data

As always, I’m creating the {info|the information} and a lot of info on the check ways overtly offered for all you fellow clean air nerds. you’ll transfer the check knowledge here.

Bottom line: Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On?

The data showed that completely different locations in a very 15m2 space had but 1 Chronicles distinction in overall reductions of pollution. Therefore, sleeping next to your air setup doesn’t have a lot of other profit.

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